The Book

The fictitious story of the Second Amendment Party’s efforts to prevent a corrupt government’s seizure of firearms from law-abiding citizens and to restore a renegade and lawless Federal Government to the intent of the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

A general, a female professor, Homeland Security agents, news reporters, cameramen, NSA personnel, a soup kitchen manager, a group of truck drivers, and a county road department crew make up most of the ensemble of characters in A Stranger to Die For, the first part of The Second Amendment Party trilogy. It’s the story of what happens when the two major parties refuse to allow a third party – The Second Amendment Party- to gain any further power. What did the two parties do? They outlawed the Second Amendment Party and then the possession of guns as well. Part One follows a contingency plan that the Second Amendment Party had prepared for, in case such an event ever occurred. This story is the blue print for the resistance from a government gone mad with corruption that’s attacking its own people and for restoring the government to the intent of our founding fathers.

In this first book, a female professor emerges as the leader of the fictitious Second Amendment Party. The letters in the eyes and nose are the first letters of the words of a code phrase and the letters in the mouth are the first letters of the answer to the code phrase. Some of the fall calendar dates coincide with events in our American Revolution. In chapter 13, there are two words backwards one you read and one you spell. The one you spell leads to the key to the city. Plus other codes and clues found in the book for the next two books.

In paperback by the author (220 pgs) (8 1/2 x 5 1/2). Available now from the author $9.95 + Shipping and Handling ($2.50). A Stranger To Die For is now on Amazon Kindle!